My sister gave me a card around 14 years ago when I started my business. I have it framed in my study. I notice it most mornings when I’m getting ready for my day. It reads:

“And the day came when the risk to remain a tight bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

She gave it to me as she knew that for me stepping out from a safe bankable career to start a business was what I desperately needed to do at the time, and at that moment the risk to remain a tight bud was more painful than the unknown of starting a business.

I think we have all experienced moments in our lives where the pain of remaining closed becomes too much.

Whether it’s finding our voice and stepping on stage, leaving that job that no longer serves you, picking up the phone to call a long lost friend, creating an online dating profile, starting the online business you’ve been dreaming of…

Whatever it is, as each petal loosens its grip on the bud, and you give the petals permission to open one by one, it releases new inspiration, insight and beauty.

The release of blossoming also leads to significant growth.

Do you need to allow the bud of potential to open – to bloom? Is it time to share your beauty with the world?

While it’s often fear that holds us back. Sometimes it’s complacency. Sometimes it’s simply exhaustion.

Staying as a bud we think we are protecting ourselves. Tightly wrapped, cocooned from the unknown. But staying safe is an illusion. It’s like saying chaos doesn’t exist. It’s everywhere. Staying safe is what hurts the most.

So opening to your potential is about moving from unknown to expert, it’s about letting the world know you have something to say. If you don’t bloom you miss out on sharing your beauty with the world. You miss your purpose.

So today is your day to unfold. Release the bud of hope and desire and make your dreams come true. And remember, you are truly beautiful.